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Can you integrate with a team of professionals that are on a winning journey together?
A journey that is equal parts effort and reward. Desygner wants to empower you to build the next level enterprise SaaS platform that changes the way people work. This software has the power to change the world by putting beautiful design capabilities at the fingertips of everyday people.

We are growing faster than ever!

Come jobseekers and join our team as we plan to expand to over 250 people in 2022 and YOU can become part of a true startup journey that embraces over 20+ million users worldwide.

We are looking for professionals who seek constant improvement and are willing to take responsibility and celebrate the wins.

Featured Jobs

Internship and/or Work Experience

We are looking for intelligent and enthusiastic people that have a problem-solving mindset. Individuals that can work well as a part of a dynamic team. 

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Freelance Developers

Do you wake up in the middle of the night and realize why a function isn’t working? Or perhaps you sleep soundly, dreaming of how you’re going to create a perfect user experience? Then we’d love to hear from you.

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iOS Developers

Does ‘drinking cocoa’ sound off to you? HIG are your bedside reading material? Or perhaps you would rather watch a WWDC video than go to the movies? Then we’d love to hear from you! Desygner is looking for a junior/mid-level iOS developer to join our team.

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Front End Developer

Do bad interfaces stress you out? Are you a fan of aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly products? Then we’d love to hear from you!

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Back End Developer

Is server-side logic your superpower? Do you believe that the engine of a car should be photographed as much as the body? Then we’d love to hear from you.

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Full Stack Developer

Can you manage multi-lingual codebases? Are you the big picture person? Can you leap codebases in a single bound? You might be Desygners, next super developer.

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A word from us!

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Lina Parra, Designer at Desygner



We're always up for a challenge as graphic designers at Desygner - but we love how it helps us to develop our skills and at the same time we get to share our talent with the rest of the world and help everyone become their own designer!
It is going to be a fun ride!
Maheva Polo Marketing Manager


Marketing Manager

Hello from Australia! I hope we can work together on incredible campaigns where we carry our branding message to the whole world! It will be fun 🙂
Ignacio Diaz VP of Engineering

Ignacio Diaz

VP of Engineering

Have you ever wondered how much learning there is on having your software being used by millions of people? Find out by joining our team today, and push your skills to the next level!

Join Us

We’re searching for people who are ready to jump right in, love collaborating, and value our culture of transparency to join our team. Come join us so together we can impact how teams work across the globe.


Are you a creative person? Thrive in a stimulating environment that is innovative by design.


Join a motivated team of people whose only goal is to make designing simpler for everybody.

Joie de Vivre

Together we cultivate a groovy environment where everyone can look forward to coming to the office (unless the surf is really good).